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Soldatenmesser 08


Soldatenmesser 08

Numer artykułu: 10165100000

W magazynie, dostawa na Polska w 2-3 dni robocze

Metody płatności
  • 14-dniowa polityka zwrotów
  • Bezpłatnie Wysyłka z koszyka 299,00 €
  • Dostawy poczty polowej


Victorinox has been equipping Swiss soldiers with pocket knives for more than 100 years. This tradition is being continued with a new, special model. The requirements of the Swiss army have increased. Military suitability, safety, quality and a good price-performance ratio are requirements that the new pocket knife effortlessly fulfils. Only the best stainless steel is used for the production of the blade, wood saw, can opener with screwdriver 3mm, cap lifter with screwdriver 7mm and wire stripper, Phillips screwdriver and the drill / reamer. In addition, the cutting blade is serrated and can be opened with one hand. The cutting blade and screwdriver are locked in place after opening.

The technology does not stop at the handle scales either. A two-component plastic makes the soldier's knife easier to grip than all its predecessors and adds pizzazz to the tool. And of course, the new Victorinox soldier knife is also low-maintenance.
Colour: Green / Black
Length: 111 mm
Width: 34.5 mm
Height: 18 mm

Cechy i szczegóły

Długość ostrza:
85 mm
Długość uchwytu:
110 mm

Wymiary i waga

11 cm
Długość zapakowana:
11.3 cm
3.5 cm
Szerokość zapakowana:
3.5 cm
1.7 cm
Wysokość zapakowana:
2 cm
0.131 kg
Waga w opakowaniu:
0.175 kg


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