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Sidewinder Military


Sidewinder Military

Numer artykułu: 10152930100 Numer producenta: 14032
Kolor: Kojot

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A compact and super-sturdy flashlight developed strictly for military and tactical applications. Thanks to the low weight of only 140g and length of 125mm, Sidewinder smoothly fills the role of a robust "tac-light" and provides optimal performance in its size class.
The housing is injection molded from a high-quality, impact-resistant polymer for exceptional durability and weather resistance. Notched surfaces furtherly improve grip. Thanks to the sealed construction and an IPX7 rating, Sidewinder is waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes and impact-resistant up to 3m.
The installed polycarbonate lens is layered in a scratch-resistant multi-coating that further enhances the light transmission.
The performance and runtime depend on the used LED and operating mode. Sidewinder works in 5/25/60/100% and 100% strobe output with a runtime of no less than 5.5 hours for white LED and up to 200 hours for IR and red LED. The Military model is assembled with white, red, IR, and blue LEDs.
Two alkaline or lithium AA batteries provide power for the flashlight. The latter guarantees extended operation in extreme temperature environments. A metal cable is tethered to secure the battery cap to prevent loss and acts as the locking device. A rotary knob with a push button provides an easy and smooth way to choose the correct LED and power output.
Thanks to the compact size, easy attachment, and powerful LEDs, Sidewinder Military is a perfect choice for military and tactical applications.

Cechy i szczegóły

55 lm
Potrzebne baterie:
Zakres dostawy:
Akumulator / bateria

Wymiary i waga

11.6 cm
Długość zapakowana:
15.6 cm
4.5 cm
Szerokość zapakowana:
8.3 cm
2.7 cm
Wysokość zapakowana:
4.8 cm
0.144 kg
Waga w opakowaniu:
0.192 kg


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